i don’t understand

chadwick boseman is dead.

i have no words. nothing could possibly explain what’s going on in my head


why are the good people the ones who die early

why are the vile ones, the ones nobody cares about, why aren’t they dead

why do we kill when there’s enough death as there is

why do we kill over the stupidest things

why do we kill

we take it into our own hands to end a life when there are already people dying

kobe bryant

chadwick boseman

why can’t we stop this

why are they going so early

they had so much more life to live


4 thoughts on “i don’t understand

  1. I agree with what jul said 100%. God knows, He’s still in controll. Even in all the sadness and heartbreak and injustice and fear and chaos in this world that can seem so overwhelming, God is in control. He will work all things for good, and He is holding each of our lives in His hands. He made us, and He knows us. ❤


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