i’m so tired…

it feels like i have half formed ideas floating around. things i’ve thought before, but can’t grasp.

things i know that i need to figure out, but can’t.

things that i want to know but don’t

it’s hard

sometimes it’s overwhelming

right now is one of those times

i type my thoughts out here as a post but right now my thoughts aren’t even coherent enough for a sentence, much less a post

life is short make it count


you don’t have time


nothing lasts forever

maybe i’m just nihilistic tonight

or maybe i’m onto something

maybe there’s no rush and i need to live in the monent

or maybe this moment is all i have

am i running toward a gpal

or am i drowning in the expectations i have for myself

am i lonely


am i finding out who i truly am

am i losing the people i love

or am i making room for people who truly deserve my love

so many questions so many expectations so many things

i want to hide in my little bubble and sleep

i want to avoid the hard stuff

but i can’t, can i

i have to face it

not like a man

but as a human being who desperately needs to live

no more sad boi 2020

this is such a badly worded post it doesn’t even have punctuation

but this isn’t a post it’s an explanation it’s a confession

it’s a boy sitting in his room sorting through his emotions the only way he knows how

it’s a man sorting through his thoughts through words

it’s not a post, its not a blog

it never was

it’s a journey

thank you for coming along

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