have you ever felt like you’re drifting apart from someone?

not because you’ve fought, or because you don’t like each other anymore, but you’re being pulled apart regardless?

like you’re going in two different directions and you can’t stop it?

i have, and that’s how i feel right now, on a random wednesday afternoon.

it’s a strange feeling, honestly. every time i’ve lost a friend it’s been long, dramatic, and sudden.

this just feels inevitable, though, like we’re on an ocean and the currents are separating us. the split may not be immediately evident, but it’s happening nonetheless.

so this is to you, drifter, if you ever read this.

it’s sad, but feels necessary. you and i are going different places in life, and hopefully we’ll meet again soon. sure, we may stay in touch now and then, but it won’t be what it once was. that’s impossible.

i won’t cling to you anymore, because that’ll just delay what needs to happen. what i want to happen, if i’m being honest with myself:

me letting you go.

i don’t have a vendetta or a grudge. i don’t have any ulterior motives. i want you to be happy, but i need to be happy too.

so this is goodbye, even if we won’t admit it, to ourselves or to each other.

goodbye, friend.

16 thoughts on “drifting

  1. Wow. This has been happening in my life, too. Friends who were so close and yet are not so anymore. It’s hard not to be hurt or hold a grudge, to blame someone, to feel like there must have been something you could do. Maybe it is meant to happen. So, it’s just time to let go when that time comes. Just be kind, stay in touch, and follow the path God made for each of us.

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        1. thanks 🙂

          it was really just born out of a desire to say something, anything, and vocalize something i’ve known for a while but refused to admit.

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  2. I hate it when this happens, but… it happens. It doesn’t really hurt until it’s too late to change anything, and then the pain is so dull that you kinda just… move on.

    Okay, weirdly I read this thinking that Clara wrote it? I don’t know why, I just thought I was reading midnight mind (I’m on the reader) and… then it was you. You and Clara do have similar writing styles/themes, so… idk what I’m saying, I guess XD

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    1. that’s…yes? how did you know maya

      okay but i wrote it thinking clara was writing it so here we are 😂 it felt like a clara style post which normally isn’t how i write

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  3. Yes, I have experienced this,and it is really sad. I find myself wishing there was more I could have done, or trying to rekindle the flame of friendship, but sometimes it is just time to let go. I really like how you wrote this post!


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