i want…

i want to experience emotion beyond sadness.

i want to travel the world beyond my little town.

i want to have adventures. not just one, multiple.

i want to enjoy life, every bit of it. i want joy to complement my despair. i want contentment to temper my ambition. i want spontaneity to balance routine.

i’m tired of my default emotions being sadness or anger. i’m tired of my life being monotony or drama.

i want to live, to not let life happen to me but instead to make it happen for me.

i want to go to bed knowing i had a good day, instead of wondering if i even had an average day.

i want…

i want…

i want love.

i want to love myself, to actually appreciate myself as a person and realize that i’m independent and i can stand on my own.

i want to love others, to actually be supportive and empathetic and be there for friends.

i want to be better for myself so that i can be better for others.

i hope i can.

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