guest post: book characters as mbti types

hello to garrett’s readers! *bows* i’m ryan elizabeth, and i blog at ryan elizabeth writes. a huge thanks to garrett for asking me to guest post here! writing this post was super fun, and i hope you all enjoy it.

so. for this post, i decided to find fictional characters from books to match each of the 16 meyers-briggs personality typology types and talk a little bit about them. (not familiar with mbti? check out this website.)* i’m going to be honest, i’m no expert on mbti…or any kind of personality typology, for that matter. but it is something i’ve done quite a bit of research on and enjoy. it’s really interesting to learn more about. you’ll notice the descriptions of the characters in my post won’t have too much of an explanation…i’m going to be mostly talking about their basic character traits, but i do understand that meyers-briggs goes much deeper than that. cognitive functions and such are just too much to get into in a post like this (especially when it’s something i’m not very knowledgeable on), although i might bring them up a couple times.

but don’t worry, i’ll stop rambling. let’s get started.


elrond (from the lord of the rings)

Photo: Elrond (Hugo Weaving) - LOTR Fellowship of the Ring 209.jpg

this won’t be the only character in this post from the works of tolkien…i’m a big fan.

 a few words used to describe those with the intj personality type include perfectionistic, independent, judgmental, decisive, and analytical, definitely suggesting that elrond fits this type! his strategic mind especially points towards the introverted-intuitive-thinking-judging combo. i think that this character is the best representation of “the architect” type – the intj.


violet baudelaire (from a series of unfortunate events)

Violet Baudelaire

I really hope i’m not the only one here who loved a series of unfortunate events as a kid (*coughs* or still does). i don’t have much to say about her, but violet is logical, analytical, an abstract thinker, and an open-minded person. seems suspiciously intp-like to me.


the white witch, jadis (from the chronicles of narnia)

Jadis | The Chronicles of Narnia Wiki | Fandom

i’m not super sure on this one, but i went with it because i couldn’t think of a different character. the entj, “the commander,” is a decisive, strong-willed, and self-confident type. jadis, the villain in the chronicles of narnia, completely matches this type. the entj type also been described as cold and ruthless, which i think are the two words that describe this character the best.


smaug (from the hobbit

Building A Better Dragon in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

honestly, it felt like it took me forever to find an entp literary character. i just couldn’t think of one, and i don’t know why. But suddenly, it came to me. smaug. (yes, another tolkien character…i apologize…there are more coming.) after i thought of it, i did a quick search to see what others thought about his type. i’ve seen a lot of intp and infj, but i disagree. according to, those with the entp type, known as the debaters, “tend to be bold and creative, deconstructing and rebuilding ideas with great mental agility. They pursue their goals vigorously despite any resistance they might encounter.” if that doesn’t describe smaug, i don’t know what does. 


laurie (from little women)

Little Women' fans claim to spot water bottles in movie scene ...

i couldn’t not do this without including one of my favorite literary characters of all time – theodore “laurie” laurence. despite what others say, i wholeheartedly believe laurie is an infj (i’m talking about book laurie here. timothee clalamet’s laurie acts quite different – definitely an esfp, i’d say). as a character, laurie is dramatic, creative, inspiring, moody, and perfectionistic. total infj.


frodo baggins (from the lord of the rings)

Just wanted to post this beautiful pic of Elijah as Frodo Baggins ...

heh…the infp! if you don’t already know me, i’m a total infp. so choosing the character for this one was a hard decision for me. i ended up going with frodo because he’s the only one on my mental list who is undoubtedly an infp (plus he’s another one of my favorite literary characters). emotional, imaginative, idealistic, and sensitive, the infp, or “mediator,” is the most likely out of the sixteen types to feel misunderstood. frodo baggins definitely fits this description in my mind and is someone i can relate to.


elizabeth bennet (from pride & prejudice)

Elizabeth Bennet: Manic Prideful Dream Girl? Of Course Not

yay! another character with a very debatable personality type! i think lizzy is without a doubt an enfj, “the protagonist” meyers-briggs type. although i’ve seen her typed as anything from an infj to an esfp, i’m totally going with enfj. reliable, selfless, and a natural leader, elizabeth bennet completely embodies the traits of an enfj.


anne shirley (from anne of green gables)

Why Anne Shirley is a shining light for girls of all ages | Two ...

this one was a little bit tough for me. i’ve always related to anne, and i’m not an enfp. i’ve mistyped her as an infp (as many, many others have) for a long time, but i’ve realized that she’s mostly likely an enfp. although she fits a lot of the common character traits of the infp (sensitive, imaginative, and moody), anne better matches the enfp personality type for reasons i don’t have the time to explain here, but a big thing is i that i think she’s an extrovert rather than an introvert. anne is a true free spirit, too, which definitely points to enfp. 


hermione granger (harry potter)

Here's What Hermione Granger Was Almost Named In 'Harry Potter'

first of all, i have neither read nor watched harry potter. ever. *everyone gasps* so correct me if i’m wrong, but from all that i’ve heard, i think hermione is an istj. i’ve seen her typed as an estj or intp, but i think the te- is too strong for that. (from what i’ve heard,) she is responsible, passionate, intellectual, and direct, all traits of the istj.


samwise gamgee (from the lord of the rings

Samwise Gamgee | The hobbit, Lord of the rings, Samwise gamgee

ah, sam. the total isfj. this type is known as “the defender”…which already screams samwise gamgee. this type is supportive, loyal, humble, and prone to taking too much upon themselves. i can’t write about sam without mentioning this… something i find super cool is the fact that my best friend is samwise’s type and i’m frodo’s type. 🙂


peter pevensie (from the chronicles of narnia)

Chronicles of Narnia: Series Reboot with Silver Chair Movie | Time

you knew i’d stick another narnia character in here somewhere, didn’t you? well, here he is. i think peter is an estj or “the executive” because of his dedication, honesty, organizational skills, and stubbornness. says that those with the estj type “are valued for their clear advice and guidance, and they happily lead the way on difficult paths,” which definitely sounds a whole lot like peter. 


wendy darling (from peter pan)

W : Wendy Darling “My name is Wendy. Wendy Moira Angela Darling ...

while those with the esfj type are known to have very strong social skills, a sense of duty, and a very warm and caring personality, they’re also inflexible, needy, and preoccupied with their social status. i think wendy from peter pan is one of the best examples of this type. i honestly haven’t given much thought to the personalities of the characters from the fairy tale until today, but i’m pretty set in stone with this one.


aragorn (from the lord of the rings)

Amazon's "Lord of the Rings" series may feature Aragorn, who may ...

*doesn’t mention the fact that this is the 5th tolkien character on my list…even though i just did*

i was actually a teensy bit unsure of this one (and still am)…the istp, “the virtuoso,” is rational, optimistic, great in a crisis, and private. *shrugs* the more i think about it, the more it sounds like aragorn, i guess. don’t have much more to say about him.


princess buttercup (from the princess bride)

Feminism - Gender Roles in the Princess Bride

i’ve actually never read the princess bride book (not yet, anyway,)...but i LOVE the movie with all of my heart. i definitely think buttercup is an isfp, “the adventurer.” she is sensitive, fiercely independent, and unpredictable. don’t have much of anything more to say about her character.


carswell thorne (from the lunar chronicles)

ah, the estp. I feel like there seems to be an overabundance of the estp type in movies and tv (*coughs* and in real life…*coughs* kidding.) if you haven’t read the lunar chronicles i would recommend them to you on the spot. i could probably do a whole post on the personalities of the characters from the series. but for now i get to focus on thorne. he is charismatic, bold, and humorous…all traits of the estp. his witty comebacks and outgoing, risk-taking spirit are two of the things that made me suspect his mbti type right away.


amy march (from little women)

Little Women' Star Florence Pugh on Oscar Nomination for 'Feisty ...

ah, last but not least (certainly not least…i believe garrett is an esfp), the esfp. 

as an infp, i was a little bit surprised when i realized amy (one of my favorite characters, by the way) was an esfp because i related to her so much. but after getting more into the enneagram, i noticed that it was because we likely share the same enneagram type (or at least the wing…i’m still debating if amy is truly a 4w3 or a 3w4!). but anyways, i think amy march is an esfp because of her boldness, originality, focus on aesthetics, and sensitivity. another thing that suggests the esfp type is her focus on the future and her dreams that she feels must be fulfilled.

if you got through this entire dull and boring post, here’s a cookie. you deserve it.

another huge thanks to garrett for asking me to guest post!

— ryan elizabeth

*(ending disclaimer from garrett, the site ryan linked to is not the best site if you’re trying to learn about mbti, it plays on stereotypes and is not scientific at all, though it is good if you’re trying to describe fictional characters. if you’re trying to learn, i would recommend this site instead.)

17 thoughts on “guest post: book characters as mbti types

    1. Thanks Emily!
      And I’m so glad Garrett did too. *coughs* It’s definitely not my favorite either. The test results are usually awful, but I do like their short character trait descriptions for the types. They can be really helpful, especially for a post like this.

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  1. I loved this post! Great job Ryan, and thanks for sharing to Garrett 🙂
    Also, INFPs are unlikely to feel misunderstood? (*summons Emily to confirm*) If this is true then maybe I’m not one. *mindblown*

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks so much, Maya!
      I’m very glad you pointed that out. You’re completely right, for some reason it either autocorrected to “least” instead of “most,” or I just wasn’t thinking when I was writing that part. XD We definitely are the most likely to feel misunderstood! Garrett, could you edit that when you have the chance?

      Liked by 2 people

    2. (Is this the correct Emliy you’re summoning?)
      Well. . . as far as I can tell, introverted feeling types often feel misunderstood. And as an INFP has dominant Fi, no, they would not be the least likely type to feel misunderstood. I’d say the least likely type would be… ESTP, maybe? I don’t know. We’re humans and we miscommunicate and sometimes have a hard time expressing our emotions (*cough* XXTJ types) or will feel like our emotions are dismissed and considered overdramatic or weak (As XXFP types seem to feel)

      Liked by 4 people

          1. I talked to him about it once and he said maybe INFP but he didn’t know me well enough. I’m actually not on YDubs anymore, though. We haven’t really stayed in contact. (Though I am going to force, ahem, beg him to let me read Charmed someday.)

            Liked by 2 people

          2. Ah. Interesting. *shrug* He typed me after one conversation. Maybe I’m just very clearly ISTJ.
            (Ha. That’s fun. I faintly remember him talking about that)

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