guest post: footprints for the thought

What’s good, folks?

It’s kind of weird to walk on a beach in the evening.

Not a ton of people are around, and the sunset just creates a beautiful aesthetic. Tragically, I live in a completely landlocked state (talk about feeling claustrophobic), and the closest I get to the beach is chilling by the lake.

. . .not quite the same vibe, if you get what I mean.

A few weeks ago though, I got to visit a friend in the beautiful state of By the Beach and got several long evening strolls in. It was epic.

As I chanced to be walking on the sandy grains, I found myself mesmerised by the footsteps on the ground. Sure, footsteps exist literally everywhere, but the beach is where they’re accented the most (with the exception of maybe the moon, but as I’ve never been there I can’t really relate).

It got me thinking (rare and dangerous occasion, I assure you)- Who are the owners of the footprints?

Humans, obviously, but my brain wanted to dig deeper.

All those people who I’ll probably never see. I’ll never know their name or age or vocation. I’ll never know their highschool GPA or their preferred fandom. I’ll never know their desires, passions, or *brain can’t come up with another fitting synonym*.

Talk about making me feel small in the world.

The various sets of tracks could belong to anyone. A business man on a vacation break from a stressful job. A set of honeymooners, desperately in love. A young girl, heartbroken over losing her best friend to cancer.

Sometimes, I think I spend too much time in my own head, thinking about “ME! Me! Me.” I forget that “you” is a much more pleasant word, and that though it may be harder (it’s a whole extra letter, for goodness sake!) it’s definitely better than being self-centred.

No one likes a self-centred human.

Except them, I suppose, but that’s beside the point, ignore my little rabbit tra- SQUIRREL.

Basically, the sight of all those footsteps on the sand challenged me to get out of my own head. Too much time thinking about oneself and one’s problems can lead to depression and a myriad of other such things. While it’s good to work through things- Too much is too much.

So don’t be afraid to examine the invisible footsteps that pass by on your path. Try thinking about others and their needs- And see what you can do to help.

Been rad,



I’m a homeschooled dreamer, thinker and writer who often finds myself lost in the labyrinth of my mind. When not writing, you can usually find me researching my latest random interest, or reading a book over Earl Grey in a hammock. 
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