how’s this for an interesting, mysterious title

I’ll be honest, I feel like a sellout.

As most of know I graduated high school last month. I told myself I would start being more consistent with my blog and start creating more posts and more content. I really like this blog, and I wanted to be more involved, instead of just randomly posting like once every month.

The problem is, in my quest to be consistent, in my search for more content, I lost the spirit of this blog. I started focusing on my page views instead of what was going onto that page. I became more concerned with email open rate instead of why I was sending those emails.

Basically, I’m doing it all wrong.

I’m not in this to gain subscribers, or to increase my engagement, or even to be more consistent with my writing. I’m in this to share what’s important to me. I’m in this to share me, to show you guys myself and all of my complexity, in hopes that maybe I can do…who knows what.

I want you to feel, when you read my posts. I want you to cry, to laugh, to think, to remember my words—whether it’s hours, days or months after you read it. I want to brighten your day with a snarky sentence, to ruin it with a thought-provoking paragraph.

I want to do something for you, not the other way around. I’m not in this for me, for my self esteem or my bragging rights. To me, this isn’t a competition to get subscribers and views and consistency. That’s not how I blog, and I forgot that fact.

Maybe it isn’t the “right” way to blog, and maybe I should have titled this “five ways I don’t blog like everyone else.” But I don’t care. I’m not gonna sell out for views. I’m not gonna lose the spirit, the soul, the heart of this blog just so I can feel good about getting 80 views instead of 35. If I ever do that, please slap me. You have my permission.

So things might change. I might post a little less, and only post when I have something important to say, instead of just spewing sweet nothings in an empty, desperate reach for views. I might change my email list, I might redesign my blog. Who knows, but I do know that the one constant needs to be me and my honest opinions and thoughts.

There’s my mission statement, what I’m all about, and an announcement of the return to the old sovereign swag vibe. Do with it what you will.

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