“do you remember how it feels to be young?
do you remember?
we could be anyone
…” — cheat codes, “feels great”

maybe it’s just the summer playlist in my ears, or the palm trees out the window, but today i feel invincible.

i can’t really describe it, honestly. it’s the summer feeling, the freedom of being young, in my prime, and having fun.

i love this feeling. it comes every june like clockwork, and normally i dread the fall, school is on it’s way and there’s a feeling that the summer is just finite, that my good time will end and the grind will start again.

this year though, this year is different.

i don’t start college until january, and even then i’m excited for it. i legitimately cannot think of anything in my life that i don’t or won’t like, other than cleaning the dishes. (love u mom)

i love my job, i love making money, i love where i live. i love the weather, the beach, the independence that i’ve taken been given.

i don’t know why i’m posting this, honestly. there isn’t a point, or a message. i just wanted to capture this moment of fleeting happiness, and hope it stays around for a while.

thanks for reading. also, here’s my summer playlist. enjoy.

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