i can’t breathe.

i’ve stayed silent throughout this year, not jumping in to controversial subjects, staying in my own little bubble.

i cannot stay silent any longer.

we learned about ahmaud arbery, a black man jogging. it was such a crime, armed civilians had to chase him down and murder him in cold blood. that was february.

four days ago, george floyd was murdered. he was trying to buy groceries with a counterfeit 20 bucks. that’s handled non-violently, but apparently the cops who got the call only heard the violent part.

they murdered floyd. derek chauvin murdered george floyd, for no other apparent reason than that he was black.

i am so angry about this. i’m a white, straight male, literally the epitome of privilege. i run in my neighborhood all the time. i walk home in the darkness. i can do things that other americans, other people, cannot do because of the color of their skin.

ahmaud arbery was murdered because he “looked like” someone who might have been involved with a break-in days prior. he looked like someone who might have been a criminal, and two redneck white boys decided it was hunting season.

george floyd was murdered by the police. this isn’t the first time a black man has been killed by the police and it will not be the last. racism is alive and well in this country and i am pissed about it.

what happened to america being a free country, open to all? you’re supposed to come to america for a better life, not to get shot or choked or stabbed because you’re not white. the border to mexico is closed because of the orange idiot that we call our president. the people of color already here are being killed. what next, we kill all the jews? what’s next.

i have stayed silent too long.

there are serious problems with this country, and i am ashamed to be an american. people need to know about this issue.

the capitalist culture of america has controlled how we think for so long that a city being looted results in outrage and the president threatening to shoot the looters.

a riot is “the language of the unheard.” do you know why so many people feel unheard? it’s because white america dismissed their peaceful protests, their calls for action. they kneeled during the national anthem, they were called unpatriotic and disrespectful. no. we are the disrespectful ones, because human lives are more important than standing for a song.

they tried to be civil, to be polite, to tell us. george floyd’s last words were “i can’t breathe.” and the cops kept choking him.

what did you expect, that people would just move on? a human being died, an innocent human being was killed for nothing more than a racial bias. of course people are burning buildings and looting. it’s not just to be violent, it’s a cry for help. they used words and now they’re using actions.

maybe this isn’t making sense, maybe you’re skimming through because this is yet another woke white person trying to be cool and get views. hell no.

i am pissed off, i am emotional. a brother in the journey of life was killed this week and i will not be silent.

this may not be my last post about this so if you don’t like the subject matter, go ahead and unsubscribe. this is my platform and i will stand on it, calling out to the masses, even if i stand alone.

7 thoughts on “i can’t breathe.

  1. You have very right to be angry and all of us should be.

    While I don’t agree with everything you said, I agree that we need change. And I think the whole issue stems from a lack of respect and a love of human life. The sanctity of human life. When a country legalizes the murder of innocent children by their own mothers, there will be no change. While the most innocent human beings on the planet are being murdered by the millions, there will be no change. Did you know that in New York, a baby in the womb of a black mother is more likely to be aborted than born? That is the most horrific racism of all.

    We need to return to the fact that all human life is precious, no matter what.

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  2. Yeah. Just ’cause I am black doesn’t mean that I am any less important. I’m sick of all of us being treated like scum. Being in school is hard for me. I get treated so differently, and I am picked on everyday because of the color of my skin. And the worst part is, no one white speaks up for me. So thanks, Garrett. You’ve made my day, knowing that someone white cares.

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