album review #2 (for maya)

welcome to sovereign swag’s album reviews, sponsored by goldfish(tm). this one was requested by maya (

today we have namo, by namo. not nemo, namo. very different things.

a quick google search reveals absolutely nothing, not even a cover. so that’s sad.

anyway, this album is much shorter than the last one so there’s that. let’s get started.

the first song is stay in motion.

the first part of this song felt very airy and lofi, which was cool and i would totally love to see that sampled in other songs. about halfway through it got pretty hype, and i expected a beat drop, but it simply faded out. i feel like it could have been better, with all that potential, but it felt disappointing.

listening to listen.

it was…okay? like windsor airlift on steroids, with vocals. it’s hard to pin down the vibe of this album, like it’s a bunch of different pieces at once.

talk! is next.

this was really good. it was distinctly 70s disco, like abba almost. i really liked it, but it definitely didn’t fit with the previous two songs.

sweet girl is our track.

yawn. definitely my least favorite song so far. i think i fell asleep three times listening to this.

candy-coated emptiness sounds like a very intriguing title, at the very least.

this wasn’t bad. it felt like namo finally figured out their sound, which strangely sounds like a taylor swift song.

sister, pt. 3? what happened to the first two sisters? did they lose them like nemo?? i need answers, people!

this sounds like it was ripped off of the stranger things soundtrack, and i am really, really confused right now.

thunder in a blue sky is next. hopefully they’ll explain what the heck that last song was.

if this singer had an accent, this would make a great country song, but if it was sped up and given synths it would be a heck of a dance/pop song. until they do one of those two things, this is just an okay song.

the gap is next, which sounds like it should be the title of the interlude, tbh.

it was…meh.

endless this is the second to last song.

again, it’s just okay. not much else to say here.

spring is the album finale.

this wasn’t too bad, though the extreme voice distortion present in some parts was very distracting.

overall, this was just an okay album. there was a lot of untapped potential that the band could have built on, and it would have improved this album tremendously. talk! was the only standout here. i’m giving it a 4.5 out of 10.

thanks for reading, guys!

6 thoughts on “album review #2 (for maya)

  1. On your “I need your help” post, I suggested “warriors” by the score. Well I have since remembered that the song is actually “born for this” by the score. Of course you dont have to take my suggestion, but if you want to, I was wrong in my first comment. Sorry. Also, great post!!!


  2. Okay, well, I looked for a long time and you’re right, that cover is basically nonexistent.

    Aha! It can be viewed here:

    Thank you for reviewing it! I think Talk is probably the best track too (or Thunder in a Blue Sky, but one of the reasons I really like that one is because I listened to a podcast in which the artists talked about its meaning and history).

    I do like it a lot, but that’s partially due to my extreme loyalty to the Peterson family (Andrew Peterson’s son was the producer/creator of the collaborative project).

    Fun to read your thoughts! Looking forward to the next one.

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  3. WAIT A SECOND I JUST REALIZED THAT NAMO IS ASHER PETERSONNNNNN!!!!!!! *dies* Sorry. If you can’t tell, I’m enamored with the entire Peterson family and the art (in different forms) they all put out into this world. 😀 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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