album review #1 (for clara)

alright, welcome to my first music review.

first, we have the pep talks album by judah and the lion. clara ( asked for my thoughts on this album, so here we go. this is a long post, so get ready.

the rain is pouring and i’m stuffing goldfish in my mouth. let’s get this started.

so the first thing i notice is the album cover.

what…is happening? a weird emoji version of getcha head in the game? weird start, but i won’t judge.

the first song is pep talk. hopefully there’s another pep talk somewhere in this album or i’ll riot for false advertising.

almost a minute in and there’s silence until someone starts yelling in my ears? bruh.

okay, that wasn’t a bad start to this album. it was basically instrumental, but sounded like a bluegrass high hopes. got me kinda hyped, honestly.

next we have quarter-life crisis, which is a complete mood of a title.

honestly the beat and melody is a bop, but the lyrics are so depressed, it’s a strange combo but it works. i really like the lack of any synths or non-instrumental stuff, it’s just the band and their instruments. that was a pretty good song.

why did you run is the next song, and my first impression is that the singer sounds like…ed sheeran?

he sounds so depressed and lonely, but that sudden beat drop was sick. looks like we’re sticking with the theme of depressed lyrics but happy instrumentation. this song might be stuck in my head all day. that beat drop over the chorus is just perfection.

i’m ok is the most unconvincing title yet, wow.

i wasn’t a huge fan of this song, and if i was just casually listening i would have skipped it. it wasn’t terrible, i just didn’t like it. however there was a great lyrical transition from the first half of the song to the last half. that was solid, but couldn’t redeem the song for me.

our first feature of the album, pictures, featuring kacey musgraves. honestly, i’ve never been a fan of kacey but let’s give it a shot.

okay…is that a mandolin and banjo? strange, and probably the first part of this album i don’t like.

the rest of the song is pretty good/just okay. the lyrics are still sad, but this time they seem…calm. it’s kinda creepy how unemotional this is. the entire vibe of this song is just uncaring sadness all around. good, but i just had goldfish, i don’t feel like crying.

over my head is the sixth song on this album.

i really, really liked this song. i related so much to the lyrics, but it was a really well made song that flowed so well. standout song of the album, so far.

queen songs / human is up next, and it is long, eight minutes long, in fact.

the first half of this song, the queen songs half, i guess, is pretty good. it makes me think of a road trip, actually, and i felt really tired listening to it.

the second half, human, definitely made me tired. the instrumental just feels like something i would put on to sleep. i think they’re singing? i can’t make out what they’re saying but it reminds me of a lofi track, overall. it was a good interlude, really.

now we have don’t mess with my mama, so i’m expecting a fiercer track.

this was a VIBE for real, i loved this song. it felt like the beginning of the album, and i really really liked it. definitely going in my workout playlist. i could listen to that on repeat for a while.

we’re eight songs in, so 7000x officially kicks off the second half of this album.

this was…motivating. it had the same vibe as the previous song, and it earned points for continuity.

alright is next.

it’s upbeat, which i liked, but it sounds the same as a couple other songs on this album already. they have a niche, which i respect, but they need to vary their sound a little more if they’re going to have such a long album.

goofballerz is…interesting? i’m definitely unsure what to expect.

this was a fun little song. repetitive, but fun.

joyboy is a really cool title, hopefully this is a good song.

the percussion and bass really made this song. that was an enjoyable two and a half minutes. the sound was different from the rest of the album without being too much of a difference from the “judah” sound.

passion fashion, featuring jon bellion is the next song and i did NOT EXPECT JON BELLION TO BE PART OF THIS ALBUM BUT I AM HYPED TO LISTEN. jon is one of my all-time favorite artists and he’s never made a song i don’t like.

okay yoooooo how did they perfectly capture me?? like what?? those lyrics are more me than i’m me. that was such a good song and i’m designating it the official theme song of this blog.

after that absolute banger of a song we have dance with ya.

yet another good song. i’m surprised by this album, honestly, but in a good way. this was a really good song.

hopefully let go keeps up the string of good songs in the second half of this album.

okay, i’ve actually heard this song before, thanks to espn. i didn’t know this was them.

if my memory is correct, this sounds like pep talk, so is this the sequel or the actual pep talk? either way a good song that got me hyped.

family / best is yet to come is our second double-feature-interlude-thing of the album, with two songs to go.

i’ve never been a fan of this type of song, where it’s two in one or a song and a long instrumental. this song(s?) was no different.

sportz is the second song that has a z in the title, fun fact.

eeeehhh…not a fan. “my head is shaped like a basketball” is a lyric, as well as “sports! balls!” clearly they wrote this, drunk, with ten minutes left until they had to submit their album. not a good song at all.

with the sour taste of the last song still fresh, i move on to the album finale, 17.

this was…also not a good song. who decided bluegrass emo was a good genre? this is the worst description of seventeen year olds in a song since taylor swift was still a country singer.

well, now i’m done with this album. it had some high points and some very low points, but i’d say overall it was pretty good. it was weird at times, and it felt like they were repetitive, but it was good otherwise. don’t mess with my mama and passion fashion were my favorite tracks, and if i had to rate the entire album i’d give it a 7/10. thanks for the recommendation, clara!

that’s all i have for now, but expect the next review within a couple of days. it looks like namo’s self-titled album, namo is next!

11 thoughts on “album review #1 (for clara)

  1. Passion Fashion is my FAVORITE, congratulations on your good music taste *claps* I was really looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this, and they were great—it’s definitely a crazy mix of different sounds for one album!

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  2. this was really cool to read and i’ve been meaning to listen to this album for forever now – i feel more familiar with it after reading this 🙂 def keep these up, i really like the way you write reviews 🙂
    power to the local dreamer ||-//


  3. This album is one of my favorite albums of all time, so I was so glad to see you reviewed it! Quarter-Life Crisis, Why Did You Run?, and Alright, and Passion Fashion are my favorites. 🙃

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