i need your help

honestly if that title didn’t grab your attention, i don’t know what would.

this is a pretty straightforward post, honestly.

i want to start reviewing music. albums, singles, anything. new releases all the way back to classical.

my only problem is, i don’t know where to start.

so here’s where you guys come in. what do you want me to review? maybe the newest single from your favorite band? maybe the best song of 2003? (hey ya, it’s not even close) whatever you guys suggest, i’ll listen to and review it here.

sound good?

drop your music in the comments and let’s get this party started.

32 thoughts on “i need your help

  1. Oooo!! I’m excited about this!!! You and I have similar music taste so this’ll be good 😂😂
    I know so much music… where do I start??? Maybe for crowder’s “I know a ghost” album? I’ve been listening to it a lot.

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  2. Colton Dixon, Danny Gokey, and Jeremy Camp have great songs.

    Also, Caleb Stanton has some good songs as well.


  3. I’m gonna warn you right now I’m about to drop a lot of songs (and a couple albums) in this comment, so don’t feel the need to review all of them, especially if you already know them super well! I just couldn’t narrow my favorites down anymore because, well, I just love music WAY too much XD
    Lauren Alaina: “Getting Good”
    Mayday Parade: “Terrible Things,” “Priceless” “Stuck in Remission” “The Silence” “Black Cat”
    Relient K: “I Don’t Need a Soul” “Devastation and Reform”
    Secondhand Serenade: “Fall for You”
    Taylor Swift: “Style” “Paper Rings” “London Boy” “Out of the Woods” “State of Grace” “Stay Stay Stay” “All Too Well” “Holy Ground”
    Liam Payne & Alesso: “Midnight”
    The Arcadian Wild: “Food Truck Blues” “Letters from the Atlantic”
    The Polar Boys: “Nothing Has Changed” “Kendall Drive”
    Louis Tomlinson: Walls (album)
    Niall Horan: Heartbreak Weather (album), “Mirrors” “Paper Houses” “This Town”

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      1. Like I said, I like *way* too much music, cause even that list is much shorter than it started as…. so, also like I said, no pressure to review all of those—although you should definitely listen to any you haven’t!!

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