anakin is right and here’s why

imagine being anakin skywalker.

imagine being a slave for the first decade of your life, on a planet covered in sand. that’s worse than being a floridian, honestly. imagine your owners mistreating you, probably beating you worst case, being harsh best case.

imagine being looked down upon by others, as something less than them. imagine struggling to survive, and balancing that with just being another little kid.

imagine leaving your mother, your only family, to pursue your dream with liam neeson and a kermit the frog ripoff. you want to be a jedi, but you have no idea what that means, you just want to pilot starships and wave a lasersword around.

imagine being “the chosen one”, whatever the heck that means, and the stress that comes from that label. you’re set apart, you’re different from the others, yet again. you can’t blend in, but for different reasons.

imagine loving someone but not seeing them for ten years as you learn from your jedi master, a friendship that becomes more than a friendship, it becomes a brotherly bond. imagine seeing that person again, that person you love, and realizing they love you too.

but then you start to have visions. scary ones. visions of your mother, whom you haven’t seen since you were nine, but you’ve thought of every day. imagine seeing those visions of her in pain, her dying. you’d be scared, right?

so you go to her, but she dies in your arms, and you were too late to save her. you should have saved her, you tell yourself. you are the chosen one! the chosen one should be able to save the people they love, but you can’t. you are a failure.

you ask for more training, but you don’t receive it. we have a war to fight, nick fury the capital one guy tells you. you wonder why this war needs to be fought by the jedi, if the jedi are for peace as they say they are. doesn’t fighting make peace less attainable?

meanwhile you secretly marry the girl you love, breaking multiple jedi rules in the process. you don’t care. you’re disillusioned with the jedi, realizing your ideal is not what it was.

you fight anyway, leading the jedi to multiple victories, shedding your padawan label and that stupid braid. this time you think you’re getting somewhere. now maybe the chosen one can fulfill his destiny, and learn how to save people.

but no. the jedi are consumed with the war, and you’re increasingly convinced that they’re not the ones who are right. the chancellor is a cool guy, maybe he needs more power. he is the one who can bring peace, and you can help him. sure he’s a little weird, but most old guys are.

then your wife gets pregnant. uh oh. you’re the father, and now your responsibilities get harder and now you have one more person that might die on you. do you tell obi-wan, your friend, brother, and mentor? no, you decide. you can handle this on your own. that’s what the chosen one would do, right?

you mourn your mother, and you have another vision. your heart stops. it’s about your wife. she’s going to die, you know this. your vision was right before, why wouldn’t it be right now?

you start to panic, realizing you can’t save your wife. the jedi won’t tell you how, instead telling you to accept death as part of life. no, you shake your head. you refuse to accept that. you can’t lose someone again.

scared, panicking, you tell your friend the chancellor. he tells you he’s a sith lord, and he can save your wife. he alone will teach you the power the jedi don’t want you to have. see, the jedi are scared of you. they want to be able to control you, and if you have power, real power, they can’t do that.

still, you’re torn, confused. isn’t that a betrayal of everything you’ve believed? the jedi are good, the sith are bad. that’s how it always is and always will be.

you’re confused, everything you’ve been taught is seemingly wrong and you have no idea what to do or where to go now. you let your feelings guide you as master yoda taught and —

eventually your fear of losing your wife and your anger at the jedi win out. you kill the guy with the purple lightsaber because he kept trying to get you to try capital one and NO I LIKE AMERICAN EXPRESS and oops there he goes off the ledge. what’s in his wallet now? probably nothing.

your journey as a jedi is over. welcome to the sith, anakin.

imagine being anakin skywalker. wouldn’t you go mad too?

7 thoughts on “anakin is right and here’s why

  1. villain excuses are not my favorite thing
    this is not an excuse
    this is one of the most perfect detailed breakdowns of anakin i have seen and i just


    that last bit hit super close to home, yeesh

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