time // 2020 vision

We’re all gonna die.

I probably should have put a spoiler alert there. Oops.

I know most of us are only teenagers and death isn’t even on our minds, much less coming up soon. Or so we think. 

I don’t mean to be depressing, rather open our eyes to the fact that our lives could end at any time.


It’s something we all take for granted. We assume that the next second, the next minute, is going to happen for us.

It might not. 

You’re living on borrowed time, friend. You can’t ever get back the time you spend. You get one life, not several. 

So spend your time wisely. Enjoy it, savor every moment. Don’t waste it, don’t give it up. 

Because you don’t know when your time will run out.



  hours  minutes  seconds


New Year

It’s almost 2020, which means the end of the decade is almost upon us. It’s scary to think about, but it’s also exciting.

Last year my mom challenged me to come up with a word that would define my 2019. This word could mean different things. It could be something I wanted to work on, something I wanted to keep in mind, anything. Just a single word.

I chose Perception. Not only was that the title of the album that shaped my mindset, but it was also something I wanted to change. The end of 2018 was a struggle, and I needed a paradigm shift badly.

I wanted to work on my perception of life, of myself, and of God. I wanted to be more resilient, to make progress as a person, and to grow in my relationships. Looking back at my year, I’d say I accomplished all of that. It took more time than I thought, and it involved a lot of twists and turns that I didn’t expect, but overall my goals were completed.

Let’s go again, I say. Let’s take over 2020 and beyond. We’re the now generation, the leaders of tomorrow. Let’s grow as people, as leaders, as friends, as servants. Let’s exceed and defy expectations people have for us. Let’s get them talking, let’s change the world.

What’s your word for 2020?

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12 thoughts on “time // 2020 vision

  1. okay
    how come when YOU say stuff like that, you’re “inspirational” and “motivating” but when i do i’m “depressing” and “very cryptic”?
    you should also know i’m joking, but now i feel bad for joking about something serious.
    ugh, gravitas.

    i chose growth for this year. i dunno why. growth was painful. and it sucked like,,, all the time.
    so this year i’m choosing something totally easy and calm and not at all life-threatening like fight. fight the good fight and all of that lovely stuff.
    here’s to being more that anyone bargained for, gare. have an emotionally healthy 2020. 🙂

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  2. . . .upon reading this I realized that I’ve had a word for 2019 all along but didn’t even realize it. This year, my word has been “joy.” And I think I found it. (: I love this idea, really. So simple, yet… enough.
    With that said, I think I’ll make my word for 2020, well, “enough.” Because God is enough. And I have a hard time holding to that, a hard time remembering it. And I need to be content with it.
    So here’s to you, Gare. I’m so glad I joined YDubs and found your blog. 😉 Have a happy new year (in nineteen days :D) and thanks for this.

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  3. Just today, even before I read this, I realized how scared I was for the new year. That has never happened before, and it’s weird. Life has gone so, so, so fast and I want to hold on. I don’t want everything to go so fast and change is scary. Even pretty minor things like trying to catch up on schoolwork that I’m behind on is scary. I guess I’m just anxious and just ugh.
    And then I remember that GOD IS IN CONTROL. I really need to trust. *sigh*
    This is a great post, btw.

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  4. Oh, and my word is “try”. I want to try harder. I want to try harder to be in God’s word and do what He wants, not what I want. I want (and need) to try harder on my school, because I’m not a very self-motivated person (like, at all) and that does no good for me when I get behind on subjects.

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  5. Such a cool post! I have honestly made almost no progress this year 😬 and my new year’s resolutions usually don’t last long….I am sort of like a sprinter in the race of faith. I can go for a short time but endurance isn’t really there and I usually end up giving up. So I think my word for 2020 would be endurance or discipline. I agree, time is short and that is something we all need to be reminded of! Again, great post 😀

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  6. perception is a great word and a great album. i think perhaps depth is what 2019 has been for me? i’ve discovered a depth to my life that i didn’t realize was possible to have. it’s all rooted in my identity as a Christian and my relationship with God. I’m so, so very grateful for it.
    power to the local dreamer ||-//


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