I regularly have at least three post drafts sitting in WordPress, and probably ten more floating around my head. I never get around to finishing them. It practically takes an act of congress or a miracle for me to finish a blog post sometimes.

Other time I can sit down and write 300 words and come up with a title and image easy peasy.

My point is that inconsistency is okay. Especially as a blogger, a lot of times we hear that we have to have a strict posting schedule and adhere to it if we want to have any chance of an audience. And if that works for you, great!

But sometimes that doesn’t work out. You decided to watch Baby Yoda on repeat instead of write your blog post about horses. Or you spent time with your family instead of…gosh I don’t know. Writing about family? That would be ironic.

Sometimes you can be inconsistent. Your health is more important than your blog, or your job, or whatever else. I actually got fired last week because I missed work for the second week in a row. I was really sick and just couldn’t make it in.

Another time, another life, I would have pushed myself to get up and suck it up. But that would have killed me, or at least not helped me get better. (Plus who wants to go to a restaurant where the guy making the pizza is sick???)

Anyway. Back to the blogging. Heck, I’ve gotta be the most inconsistent blogger on the planet and y’all still read what I put out. If that isn’t proving those big-time writers wrong I don’t know what will.

Just stay safe guys. Don’t overwork yourselves in the pursuit of whatever you’re pursuing. Your physical, mental, and emotional health is more important.

13 thoughts on “health

  1. “You decided to watch Baby Yoda on repeat instead of write your blog post”
    I feel this. XD The internet exists for the sole purpose of distracting bloggers. (And having blogs…and a few other things, I guess.)
    Also ouch, being fired sounds rough. *sympathetic wince*

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  2. I love this post, it’s just so true, and encouraging. I often feel I need to post more, and better content too. But sometimes I just can’t crank out good quality stuff. It takes time and brains, and I’m not sure I have very mush of either of those. xD

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  3. look gare
    baby yoda deserves
    the world
    my health deserves
    maybe one fifth of the world

    you stay safe too weirdo 😛 i suppose we all need to stay alive


  4. This is seriously so so so true… As an NP, the whole consistency thing doesn’t come naturally for me. And I tend to beat myself up it. But it’s true, that while it is an area that I should grow in (so that I… ahem… do something with my life) I don’t need to stress about it or push myself too far and try to do what works for other people when it’s not really me. So just… Yeah. Yes. Thanks for this.

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