time flies.

I’m pretty sure it was just January, and now it’s December. I was just a middle schooler, now I’m a semester away from graduating high school.

we’re here for a good time not for a long time, right?

The nostalgia threatens to overtake me. I start to wish I was still six, or ten, or twelve. I start scrolling through old pictures, but then I realize something.

I’m seventeen. I have the whole world ahead of me. My life isn’t over, it’s just getting started. It’s just one stage of my life that’s almost over. I’m leveling up, in gamer-speak. All the stuff that sucks now is gonna disappear and it will help prepare me for whatever happens in the future.

It’s amazing how your perspective changes when you dig your head out of the past and start thinking about the future.

The future is fun. It’s a problem you get to solve, an adventure, things you’ve never experienced. It’s gonna be awesome when you get there.

But you have to deal with the present first. Set the good foundation that your future will be built on. Deal with the problems you have now, and learn from them.

That’s what I’m trying to do.

Nostalgia is fun, but after a while it gets depressing. Be careful. It’ll get you and before you know it you’ll be eating snickers in the bathroom while crying.

13 thoughts on “hope

  1. the thing about snickers is that they’re horrible to eat alone
    the future is scary
    and don’t we all wish we were in middle school
    *supportive fist bump* to wherever life takes you, i hope you have every good thing.

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  2. This is exactly the sort of thing I’m going through right now. I’m constantly switching between wishing nothing would ever change to being super excited about all the new things I’ll get to do soon. 🙂 Thanks for the reminder to not loose sight of the present moment…it’s important too!

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  3. wow … this hits close to home.
    *CHANGE* is something that scares me, scares me so hard. i don’t want to leave things behind … but i really want to leave things behind.
    my whole life is waiting for me, you’re right. i haven’t heard that in a long time. culture nowadays presents becoming an adult as a terrible, traumatizing thing. but i know that that is not how God intended it . i just need to pray about it and try to discover what God really intends for me as an adult. best luck to you, friend
    power to the local dreamer ||-//


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