wait what do i call this rant about teens and their questions

I’m scared for this generation. My generation, those kids that a few years ago were innocent middle schoolers but now are overwhelmed high schoolers.

My last post was thrown out on this site because I needed to get on “paper”, per se. I didn’t expect the reaction I got. I thought I was the only one who was having this crisis, this feeling of being overwhelmed.

I’m not, and it’s sad. It’s scary that there are teens with questions, and those questions aren’t being answered. The older generation is trying to fix us, by and large, and we don’t need to be fixed, we need answers. Support, encouragement, mentorship.

Because we don’t know what we’re doing, even if we don’t want to admit it. Sure, we can act like we do, we know some things, but not enough.

I know I’m taking a lot of liberty in speaking for all the teenagers in the world, but I think we can all agree that we’d rather be supported than beat down.

On the flip side, us teenagers aren’t doing a great job of supporting each other either. The drama, the politics, the stress of being a teenager and figuring out relationships just isn’t good for us.

Let’s simplify things. Let’s just be rational, if we can. Let’s be encouraging instead of yelling at people. I’ve tried both and lemme tell ya, the former is way better than the latter.

Let’s get rid of toxicity in our lives, whether it’s a person or a multitude of people. Even toxic positivity.

Maybe that will make a difference, maybe it won’t. But let’s try it. See what happens.

🤟 peace out.

9 thoughts on “wait what do i call this rant about teens and their questions

  1. This is a really sad truth. And it is not just teenagers. It is also young adults in their twenties. Everyone wants answers and to be unstuck from everything that is overwhelming. Ultimately, we need more of Jesus. Jesus in us and Jesus in others.

    Thanks for sharing this and being real!

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  2. okay bro
    how the how did you know i was talking over this exact same thing with my sister feeling like the only people who would understand was a sappy couple
    *fistbumps* you’re amazing. keep it up.

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