productivity is addictive

Hi, I’m Garrett, and I’ve been an addict since March.

It hasn’t been easy. I’ve been focused on productivity and efficiency since I discovered minimalism, in late March/early April. (which is a totally different story.)

I figured that if I became more productive AND did everything in half the time, I would have more time to myself, to do what I wanted. Logical, right?

But what I didn’t plan on is the toll it would take mentally. I lost sleep when I didn’t hit every single goal. I felt terrible when I set my alarm at 8:00 or 8:15 instead of 7:30. I pushed through sickness multiple times, and accidentally burnt myself out more than I’d like to admit. I expected perfection, and I couldn’t keep up with myself. My eyes were bigger than my stomach, if you will.

By pursuing efficiency, I lost effectiveness. By chasing productivity, I lost my chance at progress.

However, at some point over the past couple of weeks, my mindset shifted. I can’t really explain it, but it just clicked. I started doing a bit less, still aiming to be productive, but if I knew I needed a day off, I took it. When I did that, I made sure I wouldn’t burn myself out, and kept my effectiveness running high.

Of course, this isn’t a hard and fast rule, because I still struggle from time to time. But I feel optimistic, and that’s good. If I’m optimistic about my effectiveness and progress, chances are I’ll actually be effective. Not so if I’m dreading getting out of bed and complaining the entire day.

Something that’s helped me is Matt D’Avella’s concept of the Two Day Rule. (warning, there might be some mild language.) Essentially, you give yourself a day off if needed, but never two days off. It keeps my overall productivity up, but a helpful side effect is some extra motivation to make sure I don’t take that second day off.

Another helpful resource was Carey Nieuwhof’s post here. His blog is well worth the read, as is D’Avella’s channel. Definitely give both of them a follow.

8 thoughts on “productivity is addictive

  1. My gosh Garrett, that really hit the spot on how I’ve been feeling!! You have some great content, and I am sure you will be famous someday for changing the way everyone looks at Christianity!!

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  2. This is really interesting Garrett! As a college student, I definitely struggle with the balance between productivity/burnout. For me, I am having to slash my social media use because it’s been one of my main momentum/motivation thieves. Thanks for sharing your experience!!

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  3. Hi. I’m a recovering addict as well…. I’ve been giving myself one day off too and it’s been so helpful. I used to wake up dreading work but today was a bit better. Thanks for writing this!

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