well hello there

Hey guys!

I know I haven’t been posting really at all for a couple months, but I’m back now, hopefully. I literally ran out of ideas, and my execution was terrible anyway, so I’m not sure I could have posted anything even if I tried.

I wanna try something different this time around: you guys tell me what you want to read about. Anything you think of, that’s appropriate, I’ll post about it. Just comment below or click the “contact me” button and email me.

If you feel so inclined, share this post, and your friends can throw in their topics too.

Sound fun? Let’s go.

9 thoughts on “well hello there

  1. Wheel of Time
    Seriously, maybe some of these:
    – your writing
    – a guest post by someone whose blog/writing you like
    – a Bible passage and why you like it
    – a ramble about something you love but no one else understands
    – go somewhere and write about your experience while you’re experiencing it (does that make sense?)

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  2. – what music means to you
    – underappreciated things that you want the world to know about
    – purpose
    – as the person above said, your testimony

    There’s a few ideas for you. 😀

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  3. Yeah, your testimony definitely!😊 You might could also write about 1) What makes Truth the Truth, 2) Character quirks that make the characters REAL, 3) what movie has impacted you the most and why, 4) Hash out a good ol’ book review 5) Describe a witnessing experience, etc…

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  4. Some things I’d be interested to see (from any blogger, really)

    1. What are the signs that someone is truly following Christ? To examine your own heart as well as to be certain about your family and friends.
    2. What should you look out for in a good friend/what should you avoid in a bad friend?
    3. What do you think a fictional story can or should accomplish? Ex. Should everything have a message, make us think, or give us hope, and how do we do that? How have fictional stories personally impacted you?

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