seek the truth

“Don’t believe what you believe just ’cause that’s how they raised you / Think your own thoughts, don’t let them do it for you”

Remember This — NF

I’m so passionate about this it’s not even funny. So many times we just believe what our parents told us or what we saw on TV or social media, instead of searching for the truth ourselves. That’s lazy and ridiculous. We should be independently seeking the truth, because who wants to live a lie? 

This applies to anything. Literally anything, from faith to eggs. Look, if you don’t know what kind of eggs you like, then you have serious problems. Also, go watch Runaway Bride. Actually just watch it anyway, it’s a great movie.

But seriously, you should know who you are, what you want, what you like. Those things should never be dependent on someone else, because what if that person leaves you? Where does that leave you? Alone and confused, most likely. Please don’t ever need someone. Be self sufficient, and have people be a bonus. 

I’m an extrovert to the core and I don’t need people. Do they make my life better and happier? Yes absolutely, but I don’t need them so much that I’ll change for them.

That’s really the core of this post. If you know what you are and what you want, then you’re much less likely to change for other people. 

8 thoughts on “seek the truth

  1. Wow. Yeah…that’s a big issue. Let the Lord be the One on whom you rely if you’re a believer❤️ But yes— we need to be individuals and not copy-catters. The world has enough of those!

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