black and white

Aesthetically, black and white are great. The contrast in one perfectly complements the other. But theoretically, black and white aren’t that easy. For ages, black and white have been used as a metaphor for good and evil, two sides that are presented to us as complete contrasts, just like black and white.  

I could spend paragraphs just giving examples of “black and white” struggles. Racial tensions, religions, books, speeches, and movies have been dedicated to the black and white “conflict” both physical and moral. The good and the evil. But it’s not that simple. White is not fully pure and black is not fully contaminated. To put it differently, good has evil in it and evil has good in it. There is a moral gray area that the world refuses to accept as real. You could say there’s a silver lining, but that would be a slight misuse of the term. Also a very good pun, now that I think about it.

My point is that not everything “good” is completely good. Not everything “bad” is completely bad. Sure, there are exceptions. There are bad things that are terrible and you should never get near them. But generally, people tend to make everything and see everything as black and white. To them, you’re good or you’re not. You’re Christian or you’re not. You’re a hero or a villain. Life doesn’t work that way. The fairy tale stories of good versus evil aren’t real. The good guy has a shard of meanness. The evil guy has a glimmer of goodness. 

So often Christians turn everything into a war. “Christians vs gays” or “Christians vs the culture” or a million other examples. Why? Instead of hating people how about you try to understand them? Empathize? Love? Isn’t that what Jesus would want? Is it so hard for you to get your head out of the sand and look around at the people in your world?

10 thoughts on “black and white

  1. *nods* Grey is a funny color.

    Sometimes black is kind of blue. Sometimes white is kind of brown. There are different shades of black and different shades of white, and it should be quite obvious enough that we humans are too flawed to be anything purely white… and even the hardest of human villains has a glimmer of humanity somewhere deep inside.

    Hmm… even fairytales are never truly black and white. 😉

    Thank you for writing this. 🙂

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