fear kills.

Fear births insecurity. Insecurity breeds complacency. Complacency births all sorts of problems. It’s that simple.

To figure out how to overcome complacency we have to start at the beginning. The beginning, where fear resides. This is only part one of a multi part series. So sit down, chug some coffee, and we’ll get started.

We’ve got to answer the question, what is fear? The dictionary defines it as “an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.”

The two key words here are unpleasant and belief.

Unpleasant is pretty easy. We don’t like it. It doesn’t feel good. The natural state of a human is to want to feel good.

The second is belief. We believe what our emotions tell us. There’s only one problem with that. Emotions aren’t always real. We believe fake things, a lot of the time.

Fear is irrational. We get fearful of things that we shouldn’t be fearful of. Not everything we’re scared of is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. That class? Not a threat. That girl? Not a danger. That church? Not gonna cause us pain.

Sure, those could all suck. They may be dangerous. But the vast majority? Nope. We don’t need to be anxious and fearful about those. We have to force ourselves past the fear and into the blessing God has for us.

Sadly, nobody does that. The path of least resistance is the one most taken. We walk around, full of fear, when we could and should be full of the confidence and love God has given us. We don’t need to be boastful and arrogant.

Heck, the name Sovereign Swag isn’t even about being boastful or arrogant, it’s about being confident and faithful in our Sovereign. Confidence fosters swag. Faith fosters swag. You cannot have fear with true faith. Ergo, not facing fear is showing your lack of faith. It could be lacking in faith to God, faith in a relationship, anything. Whatever you’re not faithful in, you’re fearful in.

Complacency is born out of fear. Fear of not fitting in, missing out, just wanting to be like everyone else. News flash, we’re not supposed to be like everyone else. You can’t be different unless you are different. That fear you have, of not fitting in with the popular kids at school, church, or anywhere else, is misguided. Who cares what they think? You’re your own person, you can do what you want, wear what you want, and you shouldn’t have to change your outfit 40 times just so people like you.  

We become complacent, throwing away our potential and purpose, so we can blend into the crowd and be “liked” or “popular”. Why? We should stand out, stepping intentionally toward our purpose, fulfilling our potential. The crowd won’t matter in a year, two years, five years. It’s ever changing, a faceless mob sapping us of creativity and free will so we can “fit in”. Friends, we’re a square peg in a round hole and they’re whittling us down to nothing. To meaninglessness. “Fitting in” is a selfish ideal, one that never existed and never will. We’re wasting the prime years of our lives as teenagers, the best time to learn, to grow, to expand.

At some point in our lives we have to stand up and face our fears, and just do it. What is that it? You tell me. Whatever takes you out of your comfort zone. Something like…taking a cold shower every morning. That’s what I’m doing, starting today. A cold shower every morning for three weeks. Or maybe quitting social media for a week. Anything that you know, deep down, is good, but hard. Do that hard thing you’ve been putting off. Do it, and conquer that fear.

I remain, salty and swaggy as ever,


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